Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lifethoughts of the Home Health Nurse.

Well, it is a Tuesday morning. A day that is beginning like any other day in the life of a Home Health RN. Casemanaging clients, communicating with doctors' offices, getting updates about clients from other nurses, doing never-ending paperwork in the office about what was done in the field. I love my job, but it can be frustrating constantly trying to satisfy everyone: clients, management, other nurses, doctors, medicare, medicaid...and the list goes on! Paperwork is the biggest drawback of this job. Everything that you do has to be documented....or you didn't do it. Having to cross the "T's" and dot the "I's", to justify your actions...and cover your butt!

This makes me wonder what God is thinking about how I am managing the life He has given me. I run around all day trying to satify everyone else, but am I satisfying Him? He should be the most important person in my life...in this life...and for eternity. Am I as attentive to doing His work as I am to working for everyone else? How much time do I spend studying His laws and regulations for my life...his guidelines for my eternal life? Looking at the Big Picture, and realizing what is really important. Obsessing about satisfying the people in my life during these few years down here, or making sure I am truly going about doing my Father's business. God wants us to be the best at our jobs, because we should be reflecting Him at all times. So that means I need to start putting Him first in my day, so that when I go about doing my work, He is always before me, and should be approving everything I do or say. That should satisfy everyone else.

Well, I must get up and go about my Father's business. First order of business: IV therapy to a client at 8am. Looking forward to a great day working for my Father.

How will your day be? Will you be working for your Heavenly Father???

Diane Walls